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Our projects are fun AND help the environment! All projects require adult supervision so ask a grown-up to help you out.

Super Secret Storage Jar

EDCO: Plastic Jar

Hide your small treasures in a super secret storage jar! All you need to make your own special container is stuff from around your house that normally gets thrown away. When you’re finished making it, your secret treasures will be in the jar in plain view but only you will know they are in it!!!

What You Need:

EDCO: Storage Materials
  • Clear glass or plastic jar with cap or lid that you cannot see through, such as an empty peanut butter jar
  • Cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels, gift-wrap paper or toilet paper
  • Small items to fill the jar such as pasta, dried beans, dried flowers or potpourri, beach glass, pebbles, old buttons, beads, or shells
  • White glue
  • Scissors

What You Do:

Wash and dry your jar. Remove any labels that are stuck to it. Cover the bottom of the jar with a layer of glue and then cover the glue with a layer of the fill you are using such as pasta or buttons. Cut the cardboard tube short enough to stand in the jar when you screw the lid on tight. Cut a piece of cardboard in a circle to form the bottom of the tube and glue it to the tube bottom. Stand the tube in the middle of the jar with the tube bottom glued into place. Now, fill the area between the tube and the inside of the jar right up to the top with the pasta, beads or whatever you decided to use. Pack the fill tightly between the tube and the jar so that the tube is not visible from the outside. Carefully squirt some glue on top of the fill that surrounds the tube. This way, the fill will stick in place and not fall out when you tip the jar upside down.

When the glue is dry, put your treasures inside the tube and then screw on the lid. Now you can put the jar anywhere you want—on the living room coffee table, on the kitchen counter, or on your dresser--and no one will guess that your treasures are hidden inside